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Join TeleSpecialists’ TeleNeurologist Dr. Vahid Behravan as he shares recent discoveries in neuroscience and technology advancements that have created hope for patients with neurological illnesses. He will introduce some of the recent advancements in neuroplasticity and available treatments in neurorehabilitation. Dr. Behravan is a board-certified neurologist fellowship-trained in neurorehabilitation. He joined TeleSpecialists in 2018 and currently serves as Director of Education. 
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The 2020 – 2021 COVID pandemic has led to multiple unexpected outcomes for providers and medical staff on the frontlines of treatment.  In addition to risk and worry over infectious exposure, staff and providers have also had to deal with high census, increased critical care bed usage, the steep learning curve of treatment for a novel illness, as well as novel stressors in their personal lives during this time.  Studies report epidemic proportions of provider and staff burnout, leading to negative mental health outcomes, turnover, poor morale, and in some instances, a desire for staff and p